MEDIUM: installation

SIZE: 2 x 5 metre

COMPLETION:  27th February 2013


  • 這是一份關於完美的作品。

  • "Perfection is not just about control, but also about letting go. Surprise yourself so you can surprise the audience, transcendence." 節錄於《黑天鵝》電影中,由藝術總監TOm 告訴芭蕾舞者Nina 的一番說話,勸勉NINA 想要獲得「完美」,必先需要放開一點,才可以達到昇華狀態。具備心理驚悚及恐怖元素的《黑天鵝》以紐約一個著名芭蕾舞蹈團演出柴可夫斯基的《天鵝湖》為背景,舞蹈團需要一位能同時飾演天真單純並且脆弱的白天鵝,和黑暗且性感的黑天鵝。Nina 雖然能完美地演繹白天鵝,但而新加入舞蹈團的Lily 氣質能體現黑天鵝的角色。Nina發現自己需要更強大的競爭力,使她感到巨大的壓力,不堪重負,最後導致她在現實中對自己的脆弱而失去控制,陷入生活的噩夢之中,最後更喪失生命。這幅作品的另一個主要靈感來自於一份新加坡藝術作品 - Vertical submarine。由兩間房間組成,而中間卻有一個錯覺的「假鏡子」所製造房間一的 「影子」,而影子裡的房間是有少許不一樣的元素。

  • 這份裝置藝術嘗試探究人類如何想獲得「完美」,而最終令自己精神上及肉體上得到無可想像的傷害,但自己卻依然感到值得。

  • 我決定以上面的靈感來創造一份以兩個房間倒影為基調的作品,一個房間是從黑天鵝的角度,而另一間則是白天鵝,反映出一個強烈對比,以及想要獲得「完美」的渴望, 我希望聽眾通過兩個房間去這個了解概念。 當觀眾進入了白天鵝房間時,觀眾可以了解Nina 如何想成為芭蕾舞團的首席芭蕾舞者,你會看到她偷取了前任首席舞者Bath 的唇膏; 然而當他們走緊黑天鵝房間時,立刻會感受到當上「完美」的感覺,例如精神比逼瘋,對身體所造成的小動作及傷害,完美雖然遠看似美麗,但所帶來的壓力同時也是最頂級,最痛苦,最強烈的破壞。

  • 利用裝置藝術可以營造 life-szie 氣氛與感受,比起只用短片或普通雕塑品無法感受得到那一份壓逼及轉變。這一份作品,同時是反映出內心想要得到完美的紀錄。


  • This is a work about "Perfection"


  • Quoted from "Black Swan" movie, the art director Tom told the next chef Ballerina Nina, as a remark to remind Nina, who desiring for getting "perfect", but has to first learn to let go a little. Black Swan is a Mental Thriller movie with Horror Elements, with the background of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" performed by a famous New York ballet troupe. The dance troupe needs a dancer who can carry both the white swan, naive and fragile and the dark, lustful evil twin sister black swan. Although Nina is the perfect candidate for white swan, the new join-in dancer Lily can reflect the role of the black swan better. Nina got herself in need of greater competitiveness, leaving her under tremendous pressure and overwhelmed, eventually causing her to lose control of her own vulnerability in real life, falling into the nightmare of life and eventually losing her life.

  • Another major inspiration for Transcendence is the VERTICAL SUBMARINE, a piece created by Singaporean artist. The work consists of two rooms, with a false mirror in the middle of the room creating a reflection, and the reflected room is a slightly different with a replacement of elements.

  • The art installation tried to explore how humans want to be "perfect," and eventually end up with unimaginable mental and physical harm, but they still feel worthy.

  • I decided to use the above inspiration to create a work based on the reflection of two rooms, one from the black swan perspective and the other from the white swan. This strong contrast reflects a desire to achieve "perfection". I want the audience to go through the two rooms to understand and feel it. As the audience enters the white swan room, viewers can see how Nina is going to become the chef ballerina, and you'll see that she stole the lip balms of the former chef ballerina Beth; however, as they end the room of black swan, audiences will immediately feel "perfect". For example, the spirit get crazier, plus the perfection drive elements are very beautiful. However, the pressure maximised to the most, along with the most painful and the intense damage.

  • The use of Installation art can create life-size atmosphere, enable audiences to feel, compared with the use of film imagery, in which ordinary mediums cannot portray the same pressure and change. This work, at the same time, is reflection and record that one heart wants to be perfect.