ニコの肖像 @AUG2017

ニコの肖像 @AUG2017

☁️  初心忘るべからず。

About NIKO ニコ


Artist, Photographer, Editor in Hong Kong

•arthistory & museology graduate from UEA•
•minoltaxD-11• •sonya5100•
•full-time dreamer•

• 香港から • 芸術写真 •
• 美術史と博物学の卒業生 •
• ミノルタxD-11• •ソニーa5100 •

Welcome to Niko's Psyche...

Dream is the key, Human brains wander for about 30% of the day, and I am doing it all day and night ever since i'm born..

My name is Niko, I am an artist, photographer and writer. Surrealism, Conceptual-ism and human psyche is my inspirations plus motivations.

I wish to imagine, VISUALIZE, create and act out all weirdest possible things. In here, you will see normal things, in the way represented abnormally. My passion is to make creatives unconsciously with perfect imagery of utopia. My goal is to portray the truest side of self, achieving weird photography and connect human with their deepest psyches.  

I hope to inspire you all to learn and accept all beautiful and evil things in within the body.

Lastly, I wish you all enjoy being comfortablY uncomfortable here.

歡迎來到NIKO の世界......


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