Someday my prince will come, someday we'll meet again

Medium: mixed media, found objects installation

Size:  82 (L) x 35 (W) x 50 (H) cm

Completion date:  31st July 2012


  • "Once there was a Princess and she fell in love. Well, it was very easy to. Anyone could see that the Prince was charming. The only one for me. There's nobody like him. Anywhere at all. He was so Romantic, I could not resist." 白雪公主的著名台詞,一個街知巷聞的德國格林童話故事,後來由華特迪士尼改編的人物。相信無論任何時代、地方,每個女孩心目中都曾經擁有過一個 Prince charming,希望可以過著幸福的生活。可惜,並非每一段關係都可以走到最尾,而大多數女生們都會為另一伴奉獻所有,即使受緊傷害都毫無所謂。愛情容易控制一個女性...甚至破壞她內心精神狀態,以及她的社交生活。

  • 我模仿了 tim noble & sue webster 著名「影子藝術」,用日常物件,大多數垃圾去組成裝置藝術,然後點起閃光燈,影子即使顯示出一個可識別的影像如自畫像。期望觀眾擁有自己對影像的解讀,並賦予一個意思。「影子藝術」是藝術史變革的神話,更是一種日常生日可觸及的藝術。

  • 當這份作品著燈時,出現每一個女孩想要得到的畫面-王子親吻自己的影像,每天白日夢中都充滿渴望。無奈當燈熄滅時,垃圾和各種危險物件出現,如戒刀、玻璃瓶、燒過的蠟燭和鑰匙等等都放置在裝置上。就好像作品背後的概念一樣:對愛情關係不平等觀念的反思,虐待式情感關係中大多女生們擁有過多幻象,即使有著過多危險、被利用或受傷害都無法脫離。同樣,人類是無法擺脫美麗的東西,即時危險都堅持要得到/前進。


  • “Once there was a Princess. And she fell in love. It was very easy, anyone could see that the Prince was charming, the only one for me. There’s nobody like him. He’s so romantic, I could not resist.” 


  • A famous quote from Snow White (1937 Walt Disney Movie), the first princess character created by Walt Disney.  No matter in which era, little girls always desire for their prince charming, we all girls, wish to be with our loved ones and live happily ever after.

  • However, it’s not always the case. Prince charming only exists in fairytales. In the reality, one always devoted themselves more or even all of themselves to the other half. From my observation, girls and women always willing to devote themselves more or even for most to their lovers, no matter how much hurt they would get, it still doesn’t matter. Love controls a girl…even destroy her inner side and social lives.

  • I adapted Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s shadow art approach, to create a shadow art piece which represents the above concept. While flashlights on, a wishful image of every girl appears on the wall, Prince charming kissing princess. Full of desire, full of thoughts and day-dreaming; However, when flashlights off, room lights on, junks and dangerous objects appear. Knives, glass bottles, candles chains and keys are all on the shadow sculpture. Just like the metaphor of the concept above.

  • We, humans, love to get close to beautiful things, no matter how dangerous that is. This is what I’m trying to explore through.