Do We Actually Exist? Or Are We Simply Part of an Object's Dream?

MEDIUM: video clip with audio

Video Length: 1.04 minutes

Complettion: 23rd August 2012


  • 「我們真的存在嗎?抑或我們只是現身於物件的夢境中嗎?」老實說,沒有人可以有一個確實答案。

  • 根據佛洛伊德的觀點,他提出夢境是通往潛意識的方式,而潛意識則反映出日常生活所發生的種種事情,包括不重要的事情,或是令人難以忘懷的記憶。

  • 這份短片作品裡,人類存在論及夢境是靈感的泉源,利用物件為出發角度,想像八種日常容易接觸的物件之「夢境」。

  • 使用了概念藝術以及影片藝術家,如matthew barny, bjork, tony oursler,他們紛紛製作出超現實影片去牽引觀眾的情緒。影片的整體感覺擁有八格物件:水壺、雪櫃、紙巾、燈膽、桌椅和鬧鐘,顏色更是著上monochrome,配上各種物件的聲音重疊交錯,嘗試帶出夢境感覺,以及讓你質疑人類的存在意義。


  • Do we actually exist? Or are we part of an object’s dream? To be honest, no one can ever get an answer for it. In this video, I tried to explore what will be the dream of a series of objects. According to Sigmund Freud, he claimed that dream is a gateway to release our subconscious, and subconscious is a way to express things happened in our daily lives. It could be something unimportant, or something memorable. Using objects’ perspectives to create a dream-like video, is to consider 8 different objects’ dreams, tries to identify their daily experiences.

  • Adapting conceptual art and several video artists such as Mattew Barney, Bjork, Tony Oursler. The way they created surreal videos enable to increase the emotional state of the audience, and I tried to adapt it. All the after effects on the video is to create the dreamy like condition, with the sounds of each object, it allows you to play yourself onto the situation completely. I tried my very best to tie up my interpretation of this particular work with the other works, which communicates about surreal concepts, and concepts about human inheritance.